CCTV Maintenance Services // Routine CCTV Check and CCTV repairs experts

It is essential to maintain CCTV surveillance for every property ensuring the system works properly when it is required. We design our solutions so you or your business or commercial premise won’t face vulnerability or faults with the CCTV system. Our extensive preventative CCTV maintenance plan ensures you have a fully operational CCTV system keeping your property and environment 24/7 365.

                                                         CCTV Maintenance & Repair Service

Routine CCTV Maintenance is Important

Securex offers regular CCTV maintenance and repairs depending on your demands and your CCTV setup. Generally, it is recommended to have CCTV maintenance every monthly, 6 monthly or annual basis depending on a detailed assessment.

Regular CCTV maintenance means there is far less chance of faults occurring.

Detailed CCTV maintenance reduces faults and includes CCTV cameras, DVR’s, NVR’s, Power supply units, systems and crucial components being thoroughly cleaned. The camera’s surface is susceptible to wear and tear and maintenance services provide the necessary protection to ensure the wear is detected as early as possible. This would mean that the repair or costly replacements would be avoided.

Our Comprehensive CCTV Maintenance Services

Our CCTV maintenance service covers everything that is required for the proper functioning of your security camera, including cable and connections of your CCTV system.

Why is accreditation and qualification important?

CCTV maintenance company should have the design, installation and maintenance undertaken by a qualified and competent engineer. CCTV maintenance is to ensure the correct operation of CCTV system. If the CCTV company you have decide to instruct do not have engineers with the knowledge, experience, tools and qualifications your system could be designed, installed and maintained incorrectly or not to full potential, or not to required requirements giving less clarity or loss of crucial undoubtable evidence making the whole CCTV system ineffective. CCTV installations and maintenance depend on Securex for expertise as well as professionalism and insurances.

Why Choose Securex?

We’ve been working in security industry for more than a decade with clients who need customised security solutions. Our solutions include an audit of your security needs, design of your CCTV system including integration of intruder alarms, door entry and access control. Installation of the security system, ongoing maintenance and aftersales technical support.

What systems do you maintain?

We maintain all CCTV systems including analogue and IP for homes, business premises and commercial secuity.

Maintain or Fix? The Crucial Difference When Looking After Your CCTV Cameras

If your CCTV system requires repairs or fault finding it maybe more cost effective and more future proof to upgrade your CCTV system. Our CCTV engineers can advise you on the best solution.

Why Do You Need Securex CCTV Maintenance?

Without proper maintenance, your CCTV equipment is more susceptible to malfunction. In cases where CCTV is not functioning properly you will be relying primarily on visual deterrents from CCTV but cannot access or use vital CCTV footage if you are looking.

Preventative CCTV Maintenance

Protect your employees, visitors and property through our CCTV Security Services. Our cost-effective solutions provide CCTV engineers and technicians with 24/7 support to diagnoses to CCTV Our professional engineers offer an excellent first fixed rate and can be contacted by phone or email for assistance. Trust us for planning preventive and emergency repairs and services.

Do you offer a complete maintenance service?

We can ongoing maintenance services offer maintenance and repair services on your intruder alarm, door entry and access control systems.

Often should I have my CCTV system serviced?

You can get the system serviced on a monthly, bi annual or annual or more frequent basis. This enables us to identify potential problems and resolve them early to prolong your service life and minimise downtime.

Intruder Alarm maintenance

We also provide intruder alarm maintenance to provide a complete security solution and peace of mind for people who need protection. Get Securex the best service in security system installation.

Best CCTV maintenance and repair

CCTV is important to a successful operation in your field and helps ensure the safety of the employees, clients and your premises. Securex represent essential security services that will help us to maintain the wide range of services offered and ongoing maintenance services.

Burglar alarm service

Get your home, business or commercial premises secured with Securex professional burglar alarms. Security cameras can help people living in dangerous areas avoid burglary and other crimes. Our Security Camera system covers installation, service and repair. It’s also important to keep an eye on what you have to do.

How can I check the service of my CCTV surveillance system?

We offer an detailed report of your CCTV system including any recommendations

How much is CCTV maintenance?

CCTV repair and maintenance service on all CCTV systems costs depends on how many cameras and the frequency of maintenance and repair services required.

How often should a CCTV system be serviced?

We recommend a site visit to establish CCTV maintenance your requirements and preventative maintenance plans.

How to do CCTV maintenance?

Common Problems or faults on systems

Cut or damaged CCTV cabling, water damaged CCTV Cameras are the common

CCTV repairs on Wireless CCTV

  • Low Battery
  • Environmental conditions
  • No power 12v or mains CCTV power supply
  • Low Signal Strength on Wi-Fi connected CCTV cameras
  • Unstable network connections
  • Wireless CCTV out of network range
  • Incorrect CCTV configuration or CCTV installation
  • Poorly installed CCTV security equipment
  • Water damage in CCTV Camera
  • Cable damaged, wrong cable installed, poorly installed
  • Incorrect network settings for remote CCTV viewing

CCTV Repairs on wired CCTV

  • Wiring on CCTV connections loose or incorrectly terminated cables
  • CCTV power supply faulty
  • CCTV power low due to distance, power supply, or cable used.
  • Poorly installed CCTV cabling
  • Incorrect CCTV configuration security systems
  • Poorly installed CCTV equipment security system
  • Water damage
  • Cable damaged, wrong cable installed, poorly installed
  • Incorrect network settings for security cameras

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