CCTV Installer Muswell Hill

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CCTV Installer in Muswell Hill. If you live, work or manage a business, commercial site, or public premises and are looking for a local CCTV installer in Muswell Hill Securex can install the best CCTV system for you in your Muswell Hill premises. Securex is a expert CCTV fitting and repair specialist. With over 10 years experience in installing, maintaining & repairing CCTV in Muswell Hill.  Securex company provides all aspects of security systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, Door Entry Access Control, Wi-Fi access points, data cabling in the Muswell Hill. We offer a no obligation free site survey for residential, commercial, private & public properties, with a next day written quotation. No job is too big or small, so whether you want full, round the clock 24/7  video surveillance for your commercial premises, or a single outdoor security camera in your home, or a business in Muswell Hill Securex can install the highest standards of CCTV exactly what you need.   Call Now 07848 247 247

At Securex Security we have no sales person only engineers with the knowledge, experience and ability to install affordable, cost effective, practical security solutions that work. No sales person will have the technical knowledge to give you the best security advice.

CCTV Installation North London
CCTV Installer North London

Securex Security has been installing and repairing surveillance camera systems in homes, businesses commercial, private & public premises throughout Muswell Hill for over a decade. In that time, we have learned what is effective and what is not. We don’t push CCTV security systems that are ineffective and expensive, and only provide our customers with quality, efficient and affordable CCTV equipment that suits their needs. We utilise all the latest technology, including wireless security cameras and the latest remote access, which includes a system where a CCTV camera can be linked to your mobile smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Muswell Hill Homes, Businesses, Commercial, Private & Public Sector CCTV Camera Installations

As a local CCTV installation company near you, Securex works extensively throughout the Muswell Hill area. We provide homes, business, commercial, private & public sector CCTV systems with unbiased advice when it comes to surveillance camera equipment and installation. Our CCTV systems installations range from a single security camera that provides video surveillance, to extensive CCTV security systems that offer comprehensive 24-hour protection. We utilise all the latest IP, analogue, wired & wireless security cameras and provide a professional and cost-effective service to address all your CCTV installation needs. Call Now 07848 247 247

Home CCTV systems in Muswell Hill We offer home CCTV installations in North London from a single to a extensive CCTV system installation we can advise you on the best CCTV system for your home security needs in Muswell Hill. We can integrate your CCTV system with your burglar alarm, video floodlight and video door bell all into a all in one security solution with remote notifications & live viewing of your home security system.

  • Protect & monitor your Home remotely
  • Protect your property, assets and vehicles
  • Undoubtable clear evidence audio also optional
  • Clear CCTV footage to resolve any claims or disputes
  • Deter theft
  • Deter anti social & bad behaviour around your home
  • Deter vandalism, criminal damage & Fly tipping around your home

Commercial CCTV installations in Muswell Hill 

Commercial CCTV installations in Muswell Hill area, Securex is a specialist in business security and protection. We have been installing video surveillance & burglar alarms in businesses throughoutMuswell Hill for over 10 years. We have the necessary experience to advise you as to the best market leading CCTV systems that will suit your needs and your budget. Whether you want motion detection, sophisticated night vision CCTV cameras, day cameras or colour at night or simple security cameras to protect your premises in Muswell Hill we will provide a no obligation free site survey and no nonsense next day written quotation. Call Now 07848 247 247

  • Protect & monitor your commercial remotely or by security staff
  • Protect your assets and monitor stock
  • Monitor staff or restricted areas
  • Monitor staff and customers
  • Provide undoubtable clear evidence audio also optional
  • Clear CCTV footage to resolve any claims or disputes
  • Loss prevention from staff & customers
  • Deter theft
  • Deter anti social & bad behaviour
  • Deter vandalism, criminal damage & Fly tipping

Business CCTV System In Muswell Hill When protecting your business, assets, staff and customers CCTV installation can provide vital footage from resolving disputes to loss prevention CCTV is vital asset for business owners & mangers. CCTV installations in North London are commonly installed to reduce, record and deter theft, anti social behaviour, bad behaviour in a working environment, criminal damage, vandalism & fly tipping

  • Protect & monitor your business remotely
  • Protect your assets and monitor stock
  • Protect and monitor staff and customers
  • Undoubtable clear evidence audio also optional
  • Clear CCTV footage to resolve any claims or disputes
  • Loss prevention from staff & customers
  • Deter theft
  • Deter anti social & bad behaviour
  • Deter vandalism, criminal damage & Fly tipping

Private Sector CCTV installations North London

Private Sector CCTV installations North London CCTV installations in governmental buildings, public transport, schools & other public education buildings,

CCTV Repairs & Fitting in Muswell Hill

When it comes to CCTV fitting and security, you need a company that you can trust, and who provides honest, professional advice rather than push products on you that you don’t want or need. Securex has built up a solid reputation in the Muswell Hill area and throughout London as a leading local independent CCTV installation company that you can depend and rely on. All our security camera systems are fitted by highly qualified engineers with years of experience in the CCTV security systems industry. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. Securex CCTV installers work efficiently, so you can have your CCTV security system up and running as quickly as possible. Call today 07848 247 247

With free site surveys and no obligation next day written quotation, you can choose exactly the type of security system you want for your home or business. From IP, analogue, wired and wireless security camera remotely accessed on smart phones, tablets & laptops you can have the latest protection and video surveillance to keep your property safe and secure, without having to pay through the nose. If you live or work or manage a property, business or building in Muswell Hill area and want a professional and affordable CCTV camera installation, contact Securex for your free site survey today 07848 247 247

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Securex reviews on Google & Trustpilot or Call 07848 247 247  Visit for all our services

Securex Security are professional security systems installers in Muswell Hill homes, businesses, commercial & construction sites & scaffolding.

Securex Security can help you with Full HD or 4K CCTV upgrade or new installation, we offer CCTV maintenance packages & CCTV repairs in North London

CCTV System Installer in Muswell Hill

As an experienced CCTV Installer, in Muswell Hill residents and businesses can call on our expert engineers with vast knowledge of CCTV camera system any time .

we can supply and install a CCTV System for you. Just call us to arrange a swift and professional  CCTV installation on 07848 247 247

A Intruder- Burglar Alarm is another option you might want to consider. It features integration of CCTV system, Intruder Alarm, video door bell, floodlight, door entry & access control all in one security system. We can advise you on best security solution for your home, business, commercial & construction site in Muswell Hill. Call Now For A Free Survey 07848 247 247

Muswell Hill Area

The urban village of Muswell Hill centres on the Broadway, lined with delis, fashion boutiques, chic cafes, and international restaurants. Alexandra Park has playgrounds, woods, and a boating lake, as well as the hilltop Alexandra Palace, a 19th-century edifice with panoramic city views, that hosts gigs and events. Walking trails criss-cross Highgate Wood, home to sports pitches and a cafe.

Muswell Hill area guide

Located in the northern part of London, Muswell Hill is a charming and affluent residential area that offers a delightful living experience for homeowners, tenants, and visitors. With its rich history, excellent educational institutions, an eclectic mix of independent shops and eateries, and an excellent selection of recreational spaces, Muswell Hill is a popular destination for families and professionals alike.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the relevant information you need to know about Muswell Hill, including its history, education options, amenities, crime and safety, renting and letting property, and an exciting selection of things to do.

History of Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill has a rich history dating back to the 12th century, when it was known as ‘Muchewell’. Over the years, the area has developed a distinctive character with a diverse range of architectural styles, from the charming Victorian and Edwardian houses to the Art Deco and Modernist buildings of the mid-twentieth century. Today, Muswell Hill is renowned for its well-preserved historical buildings and its mix of innovative contemporary designs.

Education in Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill boasts a range of educational opportunities for residents with children of all ages. There are a variety of excellent primary schools in and around the area, including Muswell Hill Primary School, Coldfall Primary School, and Tetherdown Primary School, which provide high-quality education for young learners.

For secondary education, Muswell Hill is well-served by schools such as Fortismere School and Alexandra Park School, providing students with a supportive environment to excel academically and personally.

Amenities in Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill offers a wide range of amenities to cater to the needs of its residents. The area’s charming local village is home to many independent shops, cafes, and boutiques, offering a variety of unique and individual products. With an abundant array of independent and specialist shops, Muswell Hill is renowned for its variety.

When it comes to dining, Muswell Hill boasts an impressive selection of cuisines, with a diverse range of restaurants and cafes serving delicacies from around the world. From Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional gastropubs, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant neighborhood.

Crime and Safety in Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill is considered a safe and low-crime area, with community safety initiatives in place to ensure that residents and visitors feel secure. The local Neighbourhood Watch scheme allows residents to collaborate with local police to identify, reduce and prevent crimes from occurring. However, as with any urban area, it is always advised to take basic precautions and remain vigilant.

Renting and Letting Property in Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill has a diverse range of properties suitable for renters and homeowners alike. From traditional Edwardian and Victorian houses to modern apartments, the area provides a range of housing options to suit various preferences and budgets. To navigate the property market effectively, it is advisable to seek assistance from qualified estate agents who specialize in Muswell Hill. They can provide expert advice and support to make the letting or renting process seamless.

Things to Do in Muswell Hill

  • Alexandra Park: Visit the stunning Alexandra Park, a large park with beautiful gardens, a boating lake, and excellent views across London.
  • The Everyman Cinema: Enjoy a movie experience with a difference, at The Everyman Cinema. With a bar, snacks and comfortable seating, it is an ideal destination for film-lovers in Muswell Hill
  • Muswell Hill Market: Explore Muswell Hill’s local market, featuring a selection of independent stalls selling everything from organic produce to handmade crafts and vintage clothing.
  • The Alexandra Palace: Take a trip to Alexandra Palace, known by locals as ‘Ally Pally’. This iconic venue hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including music concerts, sporting events and exhibitions.
  • Highgate Cemetery: Pay a visit to Highgate Cemetery, known for its stunning architecture and beautiful gravesites of notable historical figures.
  • The Muswell Hill Golf Course: Play a round of golf or enjoy a delicious meal with panoramic views over London.

With its rich history, excellent amenities, and an abundance of recreational opportunities, Muswell Hill offers a unique and enjoyable living experience for homeowners, tenants, and visitors. Whether you are exploring the local village, immersing yourself in cultural attractions, or simply enjoying the local atmosphere, Muswell Hill has something for everyone to enjoy.

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