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We are a security systems specialist providing installation, maintenance, repairs & services across London& surrounding areas for homes, residential buildings, businesses, retail & commercial properties.

CCTV Installation, Repair Maintenance Services for homes, residential, business, commercial, construction, private & public sector properties in London.

Professional London based CCTV Company Fully Insured 100’s Of Satisfied Customers 5* Customer Ratings Full HD & 4K CCTV Up to 3 Years Product Warranty 12 Months Installation Warranty Aftersales Support T Technical Assistance CCTV Repairs CCTV Maintenance All Your Security Covered

CCTV camera installations in London are very common way of providing a visual deterrent for home owners, businesses, commercial, corporate, private, public sector, scaffolding, construction sites or vacant properties which can be remotely monitored by a CCTV monitoring company or viewed on smart phones, tablet or laptops. CCTV systems can notify a monitoring company or send notifications to a smart device.

CCTV Installations in London are commonly installed to reduce, record and deter theft, anti social behaviour, bad behaviour in a working environment, criminal damage, vandalism & fly tipping.

There are a wide range benefits having CCTV installed capturing vital evidence of theft, misbehaviour, dangerous incidents or near misses in a work place providing vital evidence in resolving disputes. 

We are Specialist installers of security cameras & Security Systems in London and Surrounding Areas.

The demand for CCTV for homes, businesses, commercialresidential, Private & Public Sector has grown. 

CCTV systems in London are widely available, affordable, efficient & practical offering clear undoubtable evidence.  

You can remotely monitor your home, business, commercial property, construction site, scaffolding, private & public sector services like schools, hospitals, carparks, train stations, pubs & bars can all be remotely monitored using smart phones, laptops or tablets. 

As a local CCTV installation company we understand the security needs of home security, business security, commercial security, commercial property, private & public properties and understand the challenges that faced in keeping family, staff, general public, property & assets safe & secure.

Whether you are a homeowner worried about the threat of burglary or an intruder or a business owner looking to protect your premises, staff or stock we can help design a quality cost effective security CCTV camera system to give you absolute peace of mind. 

We use only the latest CCTV camera systems & specialist equipment to provide you with a state of the art system clear, undoubtable CCTV footage.

CCTV Installation London

IP cameras, wireless CCTV systems, motion detection, intrusion detection, Line crossing face capture, vehicle capture, ANPR Cameras, thermal imaging cameras, Pan Zoom & Tilt PTZ Cameras. Digital CCTV Recording on NVR’S Analogue CCTV Recording on DVR’s or Hybrid Recording Systems which can record both Analogue & Digital CCTV Footage. 

CCTV cameras are widely available but although they may all look the same the technology, mega pixel resolution & lens will make all the difference in capturing undoubtable quality images providing evidence.

PTZ Cameras allows for the camera lens to be zoomed in giving you a narrow detailed view or zoomed out giving a wide view but also allows the camera to move around 360° and move up & down. The technology now allows the PTZ CCTV camera to be controlled by the recorder controller or on your smart phone. PTZ cameras can also have smart tracking which tracks humans & vehicles in 24/7 colour. The cameras can also have intrusion detection, line crossing, motion detection, face capture, vehicle capture, strobe light, audio warnings, microphone & speaker allowing 2 way communication. 

Eyeball CCTV cameras look less intrusive and more discreet. The cameras come in white, black & grey with different camera lenses. Fixed lens cameras are static and lens cannot be adjusted usually coming in with different lens options depending on location of camera. There is all the option of buying vari-focal cameras which can allow only for the lens to be adjust zoomed in giving a narrow close up view or out giving a wide view using the camera OSD menu or Recorder controller. 

Bullet cameras look like bullet with exactly the same functions & features of a eyeball camera but on a adjustable arm. The arm allows the camera to be mounted further away from the wall and is ideal for areas were a more visible deterrent is required or a more angled view. The disadvantage to the camera is that the arm could be broken off or something hanged over it. 

ANPR CCTV Cameras also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras are purely used to capture number plates of vehicles. The ANPR cameras come in different models for vehicles moving at different speeds with different lenses

Thermal imaging cameras captures the radiation emitted by temperature of the object. 

Analogue CCTV Systems record images and then send the signal over a coaxial cable to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) in a range of from 1080p upto 8MP 4K resolution with the new technology of POC Power Over Coaxial or Cat5 – Cat6 existing cables can be used to transmit video, power & audio to a DVR without the need of rewiring. Some analogue CCTV cameras require power supplies.

IP Cameras Internet Protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via an IP network. They are commonly used for surveillance, but, unlike analogue CCTV cameras, they require no local recording device, only a local area network but a NVR with a hard drive could be used to store the footage. 

CCTV hard drives are designed to work 24/7 365 days a year. The size of the hard drive would depend on the camera resolution, frames per second and the storage period the CCTV footage is required to be stored. 

For a cost effective, professional and reliable answer to your IP & analogue cameras and security systems, turn to Securex Security our partner company . Highly trained expert engineers design, install, maintain your existing systems across London & surrounding areas Call 07848 247247


Securex Security installs, maintains, repairs the most advanced IP & analogue system. IP & analogue cameras have been the main 2 choices when it comes to new CCTV installations and upgrading of existing CCTV systems. Both IP & analog cameras benefit from Full HD & 4K resolution with clear night vision & clear view quality CCTV footage . IP cameras offer the most advanced Full HD & 4K High definition digital CCTV footage and features which include 24/7 colour night vision images even at night capturing the best CCTV footage, 2 way audio communication, strobe & audible warning alerts, line crossing, intrusion detection, motion detection and many other features depending on IP camera model Cat5 or Cat6 existing cables will be required to upgrade your CCTV or new Cat5 or Cat6 Cables will need to be installed ideal for long runs. Full HD Analog cameras also have features similar to the IP cameras which include 24/7 colour night vision images even at night, 2 way audio communication, strobe & audible warning alerts, line crossing, intrusion detection, motion detection and many other features depending on camera model but have slight limitations on how many features can be used at once. Quality of image on both IP cameras & analog cameras would be hard to separate until the image is digitally zoomed in the analogue camera would pixilate far more quickly. The analogue system holds its own excellent advantages with the ability of both existing coaxial cables & Cat5 cables being used to upgrade the CCTV system to Full HD & 4K saving costs on installing in cables where cables maybe inaccessible or installing new cables may not be cost effective.

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Analog Cameras

  • Full HD & 4K CCTV camera
  • Flexible Camera Options Eyeball, Bullet, PTZ, ANPR, Thermal imaging
  • Flexible CCTV camera Lens Options
  • Great features with line crossing, motion detection, intrusion detection
  • Existing Cables such as coaxial cables & Cat5 Cables can be used
  • 24/7 Colour Night Vision available
  • Built in Microphone depending on camera model
  • No need for septate CCTV camera power supply with POC cameras
  • 4 in 1 can be used as TVI, CVI, AHD or Analogue camera
  • Upto 300 meters long run transmission range
  • Upto 3 years product warranty  

IP Cameras

  • Full HD & 4K CCTV camera
  • Flexible CCTV camera Options Eyeball , Bullet, PTZ, ANPR, Thermal imaging
  • Flexible CCTV camera Lens Options
  • Options of Black, White & Grey CCTV camera Colours
  • Great features with line crossing, motion detection, intrusion detection
  • Existing Cables must be Cat5 – Cat6 Cables
  • 24/7 Colour Night Vision available
  • IP CCTV cameras can send digital video image  
  • 100 metres over twisted-pair Ethernet cable
  • Unlimited distances over IP networks
  • 100% of their clarity over long run distances
  • 2 way communication
  • Great for long cables runs installed in network infrastructure
  • Up to 3 years product warranty  

We Also Install, Maintain & Repair

  • Access Control Systems
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Video & Audio Door Bells
  • Video & Audio Floodlights
  • Intruder Burglar Alarms
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Wi-Fi Access Points  
  • Audio

We can also offer another flexible solution on upgrading your existing analogue cameras with a new CCTV system combining both IP cameras & analog cameras. This could be most cost effective solution with the existing cables being reused and new cables being installed for key locations where higher quality CCTV images maybe required. Securex can design, install, maintain & repair any CCTV system. Call Today For A Free Site Survey 07848 247 247

We install high quality Full HD or 4K professional analogue & IP security cameras at very competitive prices throughout London – giving you the best levels of service, the best protection against theft and vandalism and amazing free Site survey, CCTV cameras design, installation & after sales customer support.

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